5 Motivating Quotes to Help You Power Through Your Workout

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

You know that moment, in the middle of your workout or maybe toward the end of a set, your muscles are burning to the point where you just need to stop because you feel like you can’t possibly keep going..

That’s the moment when you absolutely need to keep moving. Your muscles are changing. Your body is changing. Your goals are just starting to get within your grasp.

“When you get tired learn to rest. Not quit.” 

This past week, my workout has been intense. I did my Tracy Anderson workout on Wednesday. I woke up Thursday morning and felt like I had been hit by a truck. My muscles were so incredibly sore and I was so tired. — This is how I’ve felt the past few days, but I’ve kept up the workout. I returned for more fun (torture) each day because change is happening. My goals are within sight.

But make no mistake, it hasn’t been easy. haha!

At the moment when I want to give up and be done (lay on the floor for half an hour questioning my life choices) I do one of two things (or sometimes both) — I lean into the music to help me.. meaning I tell those negative thoughts to shut it and focus on the lyrics to the song (this is especially helpful if it’s a hard rap or rock song) and/or I give myself a little pep talk as I continue doing my reps.

So, today I am sharing my favorite motivational phrases and quotes that help me power through when the going gets tough. This really works for me and I hope it is helpful for you, too!

*Let me be clear. There is a difference between muscle soreness because the muscles are working, and muscle pain because you are doing something wrong. Do not push yourself to the point of injury. If you are unable to keep proper form, you definitely need to stop. If you feel sharp, searing pain, stop. You do not want to get injured. Always consult your physician before starting a fitness program or if you have questions.*

That said, let’s get started!

Change requires action.

When you feel like dyingdo 10 more.I don't count my sit-ups.I only start counting when it hurtsbecause they're the only onesthat count.I can.I will.The truth of your resultsisthe truth of your performance.


Have a wonderful week!






Music You Can Move To

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

Well, the Punxsutawney Phil has declared that there are six more weeks until winter…


Haha! I love that movie!

And it looks like here in Ohio we’re due for more snow today and later this week.


But it is February.

There’s a saying: Summer bodies are made in the winter. There’s nothing better on a cold, winter day than getting in a good workout! (Okay, that might not be 100% true… normally we crave those hot, filling meals and cozying up on the couch in front of the TV or with a good book… There’s nothing wrong with that. I like to do that, too.) But, keeping active will help you stay on track to reaching your goals. When spring arrives bringing warmer temperatures and a wardrobe change, you’ll be ready!

So this week, I thought I’d switch it up a little bit. I’m sharing the songs that are inspiring me to move lately.

Music is a huge part of my life: I always have music on; I’m always dancing and singing around the house and in the car… And I love all types of music.. depending on my mood and what I’m doing, I might be playing Johnny Cash, Dwight Yowkam, Tom Petty, Brian Adams, Fleetwood Mac, Guns and Roses, Aerosmith, Bad Company, Metallica, Bon Jovi… or I might have Drake, Britney Spears, Fiona Apple, Rhianna, Halsey, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, The Weekend, Katie Perry, The Chainsmokers, Nirvana, The Off Spring, No Doubt, Brothers Osbourne, Dustin Lynch ….  I think you get the idea. I have a wide range of music that I love.

The following playlist encompasses many genres, but it’s all music that you can move to.. whether you’re at the gym, on the elliptical, the treadmill, lifting weights, going for a bike ride or run (kudos to you if you are doing that because it is COLD,) or like me, working out right at home, there’s something for everyone.

Feel free to follow me or my playlists on Spotify if you’d like! I am always updating my lists and creating new ones. If you have an awesome playlist on Spotify, leave the link so I can follow you!

Happy moving!


Have a wonderful week!

Life is a Journey: Check-in and Re-Evaluate

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

Can you believe we’re almost into February?

This is the perfect time to check in on yourself: reflect on how the year is going so far and reflect on your progress toward achieving your goals.

How are your goals and resolutions coming along? Are you still going strong? 

Have you been slacking a little or have you fallen off the wagon completely?

How are you feeling? Do these goals still align with what you want, or do you need to tweak them?

Taking a few minutes to check in and re-evaluate can make such a difference in your life.

If you have been working hard and sticking to your goals.. Awesome! Keep it up!

If life has gotten in the way and you’ve found yourself slacking a little or a whole lot.. You are not alone! Think about your goals and adjust as necessary. 

If you need help with goal-setting, I highly recommend checking out Tracy Hensel on YouTube. Tracy is a life coach and makes lifestyle, beauty, and wellness videos each week. Recently, she did a three part series on goals. It is worth checking out!

Remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint.


Embrace the challenges. Constantly edit your life.

Paul Coelho says it best, “Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about unbecoming everything that isn’t you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place.”

There is no time like the present. Make a commitment to yourself. Figure out what you want.. fitness, finances, work-related, school/education, following your dream.. whatever it is.. and go for it!

Start today.

Wake up.

Kick ass.


Let’s do this.


February is officially going to be the best month ever.  


Ignite Your Inner Fire: 7 Amazing Fitness Quotes to Get You Moving This Week

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

We are entering our last full week of January.


I don’t know about you, but I am excited to move forward.. each day brings us a little closer to summer.. beautiful warm sunshine, cerulean skies, puffy white clouds, ice-cold lemonade, Lake Erie, picnics, grilling… oh yes!!


I might be getting a little ahead of myself there.

This might be the time when you’ve missed a workout or two. You’re getting tired. You’re sore. And when you feel like that, it’s easy to skip that exercise session.. making promises that you’ll do it tomorrow or in a few days when you feel better. When you start making excuses, it gets easier to keep coming up with more reasons why you can’t.

It’s okay. I think the vast majority of us have been there. But let’s start today to recommit. With that in mind, I wanted to share some fitness inspiration to help give you that little push.


If you're serious about changing your lifeyou'll find a way.If you're not,you'll find an excuse.Sacrificeisgiving up on something goodforsomething better.Passionis your back up generatorwhenall your other energy sourcesstart to sputter.Don't get too comfortable.Seek challenges.Push yourself.andIgnore what others think.There are two types of people_Those who wait for things to happen.andThose who go out and make things happen.Which are you_Your biggest challengeisn't someone else.It's the ache in your lungs andthe burning in your legs.It's the voice inside you,screaming, _can't._Don't listen.You'll miss daysyou'll catch a cold and so on..Life is full of eventswe can't controland these eventswill temporarily derail youfrom your best-laid plans.But don't quit.Get back on track

Now go workout!

Have a great week friends!


How To Set Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Hello friends!

It’s our final day of 2017. We made it.

The other day we received some flyers in the mail for a gym and a fitness center in our area. As I looked at these, I couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head.

“And so it begins.” I proclaimed out loud.

It’s that time again.

When everyone decides that this is going to be the year.

The year to eat healthy.

The year to get fit.

So, people take advantage of that awesome gym membership deal. They buy fancy workout attire.

But then they have to go the gym.

And we all know how this plays out.

Yes, it’s hard.

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable.

It takes dedication, commitment, and consistency.

Change requires action.  

I encourage you to check out my more in-depth article:

Get Fired Up: How to Stick to Your Fitness Program and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up, or to jump in so quickly and end up burning out within a month. With a little preparation, this year truly can be different. You can achieve your fitness goals and completely transform your life. Click the link to learn my top tips and tricks on how to stick to any fitness program and achieve your weight loss goals.

Today, I am sharing two simple tips to help you set achievable, sustainable goals to truly make this your year.

  1. Be realistic.

You know yourself. You know your habits. You know your lifestyle. If you break out in hives just thinking about working out, setting a goal to workout every single day is going to be a drastic change that you most likely will not stick to, especially if you have to drive to the gym everyday. Likewise, if you’re used to snacking at all hours of the day on potato chips and cookies, downing sodas left and right, it’s going to be a major challenge to stop cold turkey. Now obviously these are extremes. But the point is – ease into change. Small changes overtime add up to major results. Plus, you’re more likely to stick to a small goal, that seems doable, versus making a complete 180 and trying to jump in with both feet. What do I mean? If you want to start working out, first step – chat with your doctor or medical professional. Then maybe set a goal to workout 3 or 4 days a week. Don’t stop there, though. Commit to those 3 or 4 days. Schedule it. Write on your calendar, put in your phone. When it’s time, show up and workout.

2. Find your why.

One of the biggest reasons people fall off the wagon is they lose their motivation. They didn’t have a clear picture of what they were doing and why they were doing it. There will always be days that you don’t feel like working out. You’re tired. You’re too busy. There are millions of excuses. You need to have a clear picture in your mind of why you have this goal. What are you trying to achieve? And it really needs to be a deep, heart-felt reason for change. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better in your clothes. But that reason will not always be strong enough to get you out of a warm, cozy bed at 4am to get your workout in, or motivation to exercise at 8pm, after a long, exhuasting day at work.

I mention Tracy Campoli a lot and I included one of her videos in the article above. She is one of the best when it comes to mindset and setting goals. I encourage you to check out her videos if you need more guidance or just want more information.


Good luck my friends! Have a Happy New Year!


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Kick The New Year Off Right — 30 Days of Free Yoga

Hello friends!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and the last few days of 2017. I wanted to take a moment and share something with all of you.

Most of you know that I love yoga. One look at my Instagram profile and you can see that I have a passion for my practice.

It all started about three years ago when I came across my first Yoga with Adriene YouTube video. I was hooked and rediscovered my love of yoga.

I recommend Yoga with Adriene to everyone who is interested in yoga for many different reasons. First and foremost, I love Adriene’s approach. She makes yoga accessible to everyone, at every level, and at every age. And she encourages you to listen to your own body, connect with your breath, and to find what feels good.

–That is everything. 

Everyone can benefit from yoga. A little bit of movement goes a long way. And that is why I wanted to spread the news about TRUE: 30 Day Yoga Journey.

30 days of free yoga… feel good movement, a little strength work, a little stretching… to help kick off 2018 right. The yoga starts on January 2.

Watch the video below for more information or Click here to sign up!


Leave a comment and let me know if you are joining! Let’s yoga together!


7 Powerful Fitness Quotes to Inspire Greatness

Hello Friends!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ahhhh! One week left of 2017! Now is the time to workout! Get a quick workout in today. Get up a little early tomorrow morning and do a quick workout, or go for a Christmas walk after you eat delicious food.

Regardless.. I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of my favorite posts from the year.

Today I am sharing 7 powerful fitness quotes to inspire greatness! Let’s kick ass this week! 😉







Train tire.jpg

Ignite Your Fire: Fitness Inspiration to Get You Moving

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

The Holiday Season is in full swing.. Christmas is next week!


It’s exciting, but can also be pretty stressful. –Stay tuned because tomorrow’s blogmas post covers this– One of my favorite ways to combat stress is exercise (of course. You guys are so surprised, I’m sure. haha!)

This month I wanted to revisit some of my best posts this past year. So in honor of the holidays, being busy, stress, and all those delicious sugary treats, I present a little fitness inspiration to get you moving! 🙂

Let’s go!



As I’ve gotten older, my perspective and my priorities have shifted. Fitness is less about looking good and more about being healthy. 

With that in mind, I wanted to share a little extra fitness inspiration this week.

Let’s workout!



“You’ve got to block out all distractions when you train. You’re focus has to be 100% into the rep. You’ve got to get into a zone…”
-Mike Matarazzo

 Fall in love with taking care of your body.

 “You’re far too smart to be the only thing standing in your way. ”
-Jennifer Freeman




“It’s not who you are that holds you back. It’s who you think you’re not.”
-Dennis Waitley

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

The difference between your body this week and next week is what you do in the next 7 days to achieve your goal.




“It’s not about perfect. It’s about effort. And when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens. That’s how change occurs.”
-Jillian Michaels


You don’t have to be extreme, just consistent.


Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.






I’ll leave you with a little music. Have a wonderful week friends!


How To Stave Off Extra Pounds During The Holiday Season — Fitmas

Hello Friends!

Happy Friday!

Happy Fitmas!

I know, I know.. that’s a lot of exclamation points.. haha..

We have a little over a week until Christmas.. so I think this post is probably long overdue.. but hey, better late than never, right?

Today I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks to keeping off extra pounds during this time of delicious, sugary treats and comforting meals.


Get Your Workout in Early.

I know. Getting up any earlier than you have to seems absolutely impossible. Sleep is important. (and we’ll get to that one in a minute.) But you know what else is important? Getting in some type of movement early in the day, before all the stress, responsibilities, and excuses can creep up on you. We all have the best of intentions. Thinking, “Oh I’ll get in my workout after work.. or later today.. or tonight…” and then life happens and you don’t get to it. This is fine once in a while.. the problem is when it starts becoming a daily occurrence. Before you know it, a week goes by without any movement. Try getting up 10 minutes earlier. Do a little stretching.. push play on a quick HIIT video on YouTube.. do a few jumping jacks, squats, push-ups, and crunches before getting in the shower… do a quick 5 minute yoga session. Any movement is good and will help wake you up, improve your mood, and get you ready for the day ahead. If you are super motivated, get up 30 minutes earlier than normal and complete a good workout.

Go to bed early.

Here’s where sleep comes in. Get to bed at a decent time.. even on the weekends. Sleep is important. When you are tired, you will eat more and your body will crave all the foods that are bad for your waistline. Plus, your mood suffers. You are more prone to irritability, feeling stressed out, and that doesn’t help matters. Not to mention, you probably won’t have the energy you need to get in your workout. You know how much sleep your body needs and what time you need to be up in the morning. Get to bed and enjoy your much-needed rest.

Find the in-between moments.

This one is perfect for all of us busy folks.. and who isn’t busy during the holiday season? Utilitze those in-between moments — your lunch break, while making dinner, getting ready for the day, waiting on your kids to get ready, etc.. and get in a little workout. Do some bicep curls, tricep extensions, squats, lunges, deadlifts, jumping jacks.. if you have more time, hop on YouTube and do a quick fitness video. I love Tracy Campoli because she has a variety of short workouts that are effective and perfect for us busy gals. Even a quick 10 minute yoga video is perfect. You know I’m a huge fan of Yoga With Adriene. Check out her channel for some awesome, feel good yoga. Every little bit adds up.

Limit Your Treats.

Temptation is everywhere. Holiday parties are full of sweet treats, most likely people in your office are bringing in donuts, cake, cupcakes, cookies, etc weekly, or maybe every morning. There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a sweet treat.. but it’s easy to overdo it.. and wake up a few weeks later wondering why your pants are too tight. This is part of the reason why it’s important to get that movement in early. If you’ve already worked out, you might be less tempted to undo your hard work and grab a donut or a few cookies. Enjoy a treat or two guilt-free by keeping it to just one or two. If you know you have a party to go to, or a company potluck, wait to enjoy a treat until that event. Eat healthy and light for breakfast and lunch, and enjoy your holiday get-together, eating what you want and not stressing about it. It’s all about being disciplined and finding a little balance. Now, I love treats. So something that really helps me is having gum handy. Choose a minty gum or a sweet gum. It’s up to you.. and when you feel a craving for sugar, have a piece or two of gum.

Stay Hydrated.

My final tip is simple. I think all the best things are. Drink water. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and sip on it all day. Now, please don’t buy 24 packs of bottled water.. use a refillable bottle, like a Blender Bottle or something similar… it’s just better for the environment and better for your wallet. When you are hydrated, you are less likely to experience cravings. Add a little lemon juice, lime juice, pieces of strawberry or watermelon to your water to spice it up, especially if you get tired of water easily.


These are the things that I do to ensure that I don’t gain weight over the holidays. Do you have any extra tips to share? Leave a comment. I’d love to know what you do!

I also love looking at Pinterest for fitness inspiration and motivation. You can follow my Fitness Pin Board here: Fitness Inspiration in Pictures and Words

Please share your Fitness Inspiration Pin Board in the comments so I can follow you! 🙂

Have a fabulous Friday!


Get Up and Move : 5 Reasons to Workout Today!

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

The holiday season is officially upon us! We have four weeks until the end of 2017…


Isn’t that crazy?

This month, I want to re-visit some of my favorite posts throughout the past year. As the title suggests, today I am sharing 5 reasons to workout today. And these reasons apply throughout the rest of the week.



Most people will never be motivated 100% of the time. The truth is that we get busy in our lives. There seem to be 20 million things that need to get done, and oftentimes, working out gets pushed to the back of the list. Sometimes an illness prevents us from getting our exercise in and once you’ve had a week or two of rest days, it can be difficult to find that energy and motivation to get that workout done.

These are just two examples of why it can be a challenge to fit exercise into our schedules. There are many more and the vast majority of them, in my experience, are simply excuses to not put in the work. The mind is a wonderful thing that can either push us toward success, or sabotage any effort you might put forth. Attitude and mindset are everything!

I could go on and on about this topic, it’s one of my favorites. However, the whole point of this post today is to get you up and moving. It really doesn’t matter what you do, just get up and move your body.

5. Working out boosts your immune system and can help prevent you from catching a cold!

Winter is here!  Flu season is upon us. People coughing, sneezing, blowing their nose… No one enjoys being sick. Go workout and help your immune system do its job.

4. Working out helps alleviate anxiety and stress.

The holiday season is in full swing. There are work obligations, holiday parties, and family obligations — That means possibly dealing with your least favorite relatives for at least five hours. In addition, ads for Christmas are all over the place. What gifts are you going to get for everyone? Are you sending out Christmas cards? Are you baking delicious sweet treats? Don’t you want to spend a ton of money on decorations? All of this creates a lot of anxiety and stress. Channel all of that energy into a workout. I recommend HIIT, cardio, or yoga to help with this.

3. Enjoy dessert guilt-free.

Speaking of sweet treats… Candy, cookies, cake, pie, cupcakes, brownies.. you name it, it’s all out and it’s all calling to you. (okay, maybe just me.) I’m all for indulging and enjoying life. Everything in moderation. When you’ve gotten in your workout, and you are consistent, there’s no guilt when you are enjoying that cookie. 

2. Exercise improves your focus and concentration.

It’s Sunday. For most of you that means that tomorrow starts a brand new work week. Prepare yourself for a productive week by getting in a workout. It will help you feel amazing and set you up for success. Also, thinking ahead this week, even if you are super busy, take 10 minutes on a lunch break to get up and walk around. This is refreshing and allows you to be more productive and efficient when you return.

1. Working out helps you look and feel your best!

Confidence. Plain and simple. When you are active and move your body, you release those endorphins. You feel good. Not only that, but when you consistently show up for yourself and exercise, you help your body in a variety of ways. All of that makes you feel good about yourself and you project that confidence. And when you take of yourself, you are better able to help others and enjoy life.

There you go! Now log off and move your body!