7 Uplifting Quotes to Change Your Life

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

It’s bonus inspo week! Check out Inspiration for the Ages for some timeless wisdom.

I love Sundays because they give us a chance to pause and reflect. Also because they signify the beginning of a brand new week, filled with new opportunities and new possibilities; a fresh start.

It may sound cheesy, or cliché, but it’s true.

So, in honor of the Summer Tone Up Challenge, which starts tomorrow, I wanted to share a little inspiration and motivation for new beginnings.

Let’s go!

And suddenly,you know —It's time to start something newandtrustthe magicof beginnings..jpg




For what it's worth,It's never too lateto be whoeveryou want to be.I hope you live a lifeyou're proud of,And if you findthat you're not,I hope you have the strengthto start over.



There comes a daywhen you realizeturning the page is the best feeling in the world,becauseyou realizethere is so much more to the bookthan the page you were stuck on..jpg



Don't feel sorry for yourselfif you have chosen the wrong road.Turn around.



Don't worry about failures,worry about the chances you misswhen you don't even try.



Start now.Start where you are.Start with fear. Start with pain. Start with doubt. Start with hands shaking.Start with voice trembling, but start.Start and don't stop.Start where you are,



May the next few monthsof your lifebe a periodof magnificent transformation..jpg


Have a fabulous week, friends!





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