Bikini Series 2017 | Week 8 | Final Check-In

Just being a mermaid. 
If you follow me on Instagram (which I hope you do – I’m @CrimsnMacchiato) you know that I am taking part in a 12 day Disney Yogi Princesses Yoga Challenge. It’s so fun! But let me say, it takes a lot (at least for me) to get a good picture. The Disney Princess above is, you probably already guessed, Ariel. ❤ It’s my favorite out of all the ones we’ve done so far.


This is my final Tone It Up Bikini Series Check-In! The challenge is basically over… this last week most of the girls are taking part in the 7 day slim down.

This last week was great! I worked out every day.. doing something. My shoulders have been really bothering me, so I’ve been incorporating yoga and Feldenkrais movements to help…. also, IcyHot is amazing!

So let’s talk results.

I took my measurements yesterday morning.

There’s good news and bad news. I always start out with the bad news, and end with the good.

Bad news: I actually gained 2.75 inches overall

Good news: I lost .75 inches overall.

So essentially I gained 2 inches.


But it’s not all about the numbers.

I’ve been consistent with working out, listening to my body and taking off a day or two only when needed – not because I just didn’t want to workout or I was too busy.

I am more conscious about what I am eating and overall, I feel good.

Now, I am disappointed with the numbers.. but there are plenty of factors that go into measurements and by next week, those 2 inches could very well be gone.

No big deal. Why?

Because fitness is a lifestyle… and one I am passionate about.

(Also the big 3-0 is quickly approaching… and it’s already super easy to gain and a struggle to lose.. so definitely need to get it together.)

Going forward, I will be making a few changes to switch it up.

Number 1 – I need to get more sleep. I get up early every day and despite good intentions, end up getting to bed late. Last night I did well, I got to bed before 10p. 🙂

Number 2 – I need to show up more often for cardio. I used to love it, but now that I’m older, I don’t so much. Then I have that pesky ankle… But no excuses. I will definitely be incorporating cardio and HIIT a few times a week. To make sure that I do it, I will write it on my calendar and create an event for it on my phone.

I think that is a good, realistic start.

Tiger pose.

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