Bikini Series 2017 | Week 6 | #TIU

This week has been pretty great! The weather was beautiful every day – Warm Temps, Sunshine, just gorgeous! We were outside nearly every day. I planted a bunch of flowers and pruned up the Cactus – Keep an eye out for a post about those soon! 🙂

Workouts have been pretty good, too. Yoga, Tracy Campoli, Daily Moves, Tracy Anderson..

Wednesday we went to Alum Creek State Park and took a tour of the Below Dam. It was a lot of fun and very informative! I also got plenty of walking in.. Climb those stairs once.. There’s a reason people flock to Alum to workout.

(Read more about Alum Creek State Park in 5 Ohio State Parks You Need to Explore)

Thursday I woke up to S O R E shoulders. No workout. I also took Friday off.

Let me say, it felt amazing to jump back in on Saturday.

Today was fabulous! It was probably the coffee… but I did two Yoga flows this morning. Amazing.

Wrapped the day up with a 30 minute mat workout.

Week 6 – Success!


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