Bikini Series 2017 | Week 4 | #TIU

It’s hard to believe, but another week has wrapped up. Week 4 of the Bikini Series flew by!

I started strong, completing my daily moves each day and adding in Tracy Anderson Mat work and yoga.

Wednesday was a busy day – I woke up early to get my workout in and then we headed up to spend the day with family. It was warm and windy! We had a lot of fun – I played a variety of games outside with my son and nephew. We all enjoyed a delicious frozen treat and just had the best time relaxing.

Thursday morning I woke up with a sharp pain in my neck, shoulder, and down into my upper back. It was pretty bad– I could barely move. I was surprised to get up out of bed. The plan was to relax all day, so I had some coffee, ibuprofen, and doused myself in Icy Hot. The weather was so beautiful and my husband suggested that we head up north for a picnic. And that is what we did. No better therapy than sunshine and the beach! Despite the aches, I really enjoyed the day! Cerulean skies, a blue-green Lake Erie, hot dogs on the grill… It was fabulous!

No workout on Friday. The ache was dulling, but definitely still present. At this point, I figured all of the activity had fatigued my muscles and I probably had slept wrong.

By Saturday, I was ready for some movement though. Especially after a picture “memory” of myself from two years ago, looking slim and fit, popped up on my Facebook timeline.

Ever see a picture of yourself… and it kinda ruins your day? hahahaha!

I pulled out my mat, did a modified version of Sunshine Sculpt and did a Feldenkrais session.

Then I had a hot shower and Epsom salt soak.

Today, I did modified Daily Moves, modified Dance Cardio, and a 30 minute yoga/Feldenkrais session.

Slowly easing into movement. Being limited forces creativity, but there is always something that we can do.

Week 4 presented some challenges, but overall I consider it a success. I’m ready for Week 5!



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