Impromptu Picnic and Anniversary Celebration – Adventure to the Lake

What a beautiful, busy week!

Wednesday I got up early to fit in my workout and then we visited with family for the afternoon and evening, enjoying the gorgeous weather! It was a fun day! We were able to get outside, the kids played soccer and volleyball, and we enjoyed a frozen treat!

I woke up Thursday not feeling so great – I had sharp pain in my neck, down my shoulder, and into the middle back. It was not too fun and definitely put a damper on the morning. Some coffee, a movie, ibuprofen, and icy hot eventually took the edge off. While making lunch, my husband mentioned that a picnic would be perfect on a day like today. (It was sunny and warm with a high of 85 degrees.) Of course, I love the Lake, so despite my minor setback, I wanted to get out and enjoy the day. We gathered our supplies and headed north to East Harbor State Park.

Crossing the Thomas Edison bridge, the water was brown and choppy. It was very windy Wednesday and still quite breezy Thursday. Once we got to East Harbor, it was calm and the Lake was absolutely beautiful. The blue-green water set against the cerulean sky was breathtaking!






We had a little friend that kept chirping at us…




Our picnic was fantastic! We grilled hot dogs and enjoyed potato salad and Cole slaw.


A small storm was quickly approaching, so we had to eat quickly. Surprisingly, the rain only lasted a few minutes, so we were able to get back out of the car and enjoy the Lake.













Up by the camp store, we spotted a little nest full of hungry baby birds.




The drive home was absolutely beautiful. The sun and the clouds offered stunning views that I attempted to capture.








This morning I woke up feeling slightly better. I think I may have simply slept wrong and my muscles cramped up… old age, I suppose. HaHaHa! We enjoyed a relaxing day and kept an eye on all of the thunderstorms that passed through. Thankfully, there wasn’t anything too severe. We also had some delicious cheesecake!




The past few days have been wonderful and relaxing – an amazing celebration of life, love, and happiness.




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