Bikini Series 2017 | Week 3 | #TIU

Week 3 has come to an end.

I woke up not feeling so great this morning, but after a few cups of coffee I was feeling up to taking my measurements…

Moment of truth.

I gained .25 inches on my waist.

But I lost a total of 1 inch overall.

Not great, but not too bad. It’s only been 3 weeks and I really don’t have much to lose. Considering my age and my metabolism, I have to work harder to be able to lose anything at all. It’s been that way for about 2 years.

Regardless, progress is being made, albeit a bit slow.

So recapping the week ..

Monday was a rest day. Much needed.

Tuesday I caught up and danced my heart out.

Wednesday I paid for it. My ankle started bothering me, which slowed me down in the cardio department.

I ended up sticking with the daily moves and added in Tracy Anderson mat workouts, as well as some Tracy Campoli for the remainder of the week.

Saturday morning, Adriene hosted a live yoga workout and it was amazing! My son and I joined friends from all over the world in this practice. It was absolutely lovely.

Week 3 was a success! ❤



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