Short, Sweet, and Effective: Exercises You Can Do When You Have No Time to Workout

Hello friends! Happy Sunday!

With summer quickly approaching, we are busier than ever.

Kids. End of School responsibilities. Work. Household chores and tasks. Family obligations. Etc.. It can often be a struggle to find time to breathe and sleep, let alone fitting in a workout.

The most common questions floating around regarding any fitness program seem to be time related. For instance: I’m so busy. How do I find the time to workout? I have kids. How can I get my workout in when they demand so much of my time? I work 12-16 hour shifts. I’m exhausted when I get home. How can I fit a workout in?

I see these types of questions all the time in every single one of my Facebook fitness groups.

So what is the answer?

Here’s the thing. There is no cut and dry, one size fits all answer. The truth is that you have to find something that works for you and your life. Everybody has a different routine.

However, the best way to start, which is also sometimes the most difficult, is to be honest with yourself.

Are you strapped for time? Or are you using (insert busy activity here) as an excuse?

What do you want? What is your goal?

Having a clear purpose and an idea of what the end result looks like is important and helps keep you going when “the going gets tough.”

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back and evaluate your goals. Edit and revise as necessary.

It’s okay to change it up. If something is not working, fix it.

Which leads me to the purpose of this post.

Today I want to share one of my fitness secrets…


…Fitting in short, but effective exercise moves during the “in-between” times of your daily activities.

On a quick break from work. During your lunch break. While you are working, depending on your job. When you are making dinner. When you are tackling household chores. Even when you are watching T.V. or checking social media.

Every bit of movement counts… and it all adds up!

Fitness is a lifestyle, not a trend. (A marathon versus a sprint.) Consistency is key – Show up for yourself and make choices that will help you reach your goals. Even when life is hectic, be creative. Find little ways to insert some movement.

There is always something you can do.


Not only will it help you maintain your progress, but it also helps you deal with the stress and craziness of everyday life.

short 2
A wall sit because why not?

Here are some of the exercises I like to do during my “in-between” times.

Squats and Squat variations

Dead lifts

Standing leg abductions

Bicep and hammer curls

Tricep kick backs

Rib isolations

Arm rotations a la Tracy Anderson

Plank variations

short 3.jpg
Planks are always a good idea.


Any of the above exercises can be done with weights or without. Don’t have a set of hand weights? I didn’t for years. Use water bottles, cans, whatever you have handy that will offer resistance. Fun Fact: way back when I first started the Tracy Anderson Method to tone up and slim down for my wedding, I used water bottles as my weights. I continued doing that up through August of last year when I finally got a set of lighter hand weights.

Put on some music while you do the dishes, make dinner, clean the house, etc.. and dance! I do this every day – morning, noon, and night. I love music and I love dancing.


This Kitchenis forDancing


Get your kids and/or spouse involved too! It’s much more fun to dance around and be silly with your family! …and it makes those mundane household chores more fun, too.

Sometimes it’s nice to have a little guidance. When I am trying to fit in a quick workout, YouTube is my go-to. Tracy Campoli has an amazing library of content, with workouts ranging from 4 minutes on up. Yoga with Adriene has a Yoga Quickies series designed specifically for busy people. Tone It Up has amazing workout videos under 10 minutes on their channel and website. These are just my favorites. You could easily spend a little time searching for other quick workouts that you love and that align with your goals.

There is always something you can do. ❤


I hope you find this post helpful. Do you have a tried and true strategy for fitting in exercise when life gets busy? Let me know in the comments!


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