3 Tips to Get Up and Get Moving When Life Gets in the Way

Hello friends! Happy Sunday!

What a month! Is anyone else excited that tomorrow is the first day of May?

Warmer temps, sunshine, summer break… haha!

April has been a whirlwind.. and a little bit of a crazy month. Monday was the official start of the Bikini Series. I have to say, I thought I was pretty fit.. even after being sick for a week and a half or so… It’s been humbling. Haha!

Inspired by this fitness challenge, the warmer weather, and the promise of summer beach trips, today I wanted to share my top tips for fitting in your workout when life creeps in, you get overwhelmed, overworked, or just find yourself unmotivated and discouraged.


Reach out to your fit squad on social media and let them know how you’re feeling. If you aren’t already a member of a fitness group on Facebook, find one to join. It’s one of the best ways to stay motivated and accountable. When you feel like you’ve failed or fallen off, your fellow members will help with advice, encouragement and love. And, if you are doing well, you can help inspire someone else.


If social media isn’t your thing, seek out a friend, a family member, or better yet, your spouse. Having someone to bounce your ideas off of, to seek out advice, or just a little encouragement, a nudge, can make such a difference in all aspects of your life.

For me, my husband is my rock and keeps me grounded. But I also love my fitness groups on Facebook. Connecting with the women who are doing the same workouts as I am is incredible – we all encourage one another and hold each other accountable.

Ask Yourself a Question

By now most of you know that I absolutely love the Tracy Anderson Method. Tracy was on the cover of Health Magazine for May 2017.


In her interview, she was asked, “What do you tell yourself when you don’t feel like working out?”

Her answer was amazing.

“I take a minute and ask myself, ‘Do I feel sick?’ If yes, then I am not working out. If no, then I ask, ‘Do I feel more tired than usual?’ If so, where am I in my menstrual cycle? There are two weeks out of the month when a woman is really a superachiever, and there are two weeks when it’s more difficult to show up for ourselves; you get run-down, and your hormones are shifting. If you’re on a weight-loss path, you have to learn how to handle those days so you don’t fall into a self-sabotage pattern. If you can predict them, you can plan better. I would rather you say, ‘I’m taking the day off, and I’ll show up for myself the next day.'” -pg. 86


I love this. It’s 100% true. When you get in that mindset of “I don’t want to workout.” It’s important to step back and ask yourself why. Why am I feeling this way? What is going on in my life? Am I sick? Am I especially tired? If you are sick, don’t workout. Allow your body to rest and get better. But if it’s “I’m tired,” ask yourself why. Are you going to bed late? Are you stressed out? Are you starting to get sick? No one knows your body better than you do. Get in tune with yourself. I also love that Tracy says you should make a plan, have something in place for those days when you are more likely to sabotage your efforts. And if all else fails, take a day off and commit to starting again tomorrow.

Get Dressed


Put your workout clothes on right away, when you get up or when you get home. If you are already dressed, you are more likely to follow through and get it done. Sometimes scheduling your workout in your planner or calendar, as if it were an appointment or date, can help you keep to your commitment – especially if you are super busy! Another great tip is to … get up early. No, it is not fun to crawl out of bed at 4 or 5 am, but it is a great way to get your workout in before the craziness or stress of the day sets in. We’ve all been there, having the best intention of getting that workout in after work or whatever is going on .. and something unexpected happens and then you end up not being able to get your workout done. When you get up early and exercise, you not only stick to your commitment, but you also set the tone for your day. If the thought of getting up early stresses you out, this tip from Kalyn Nicholson might be helpful. In her video, “How To Be a Morning Person,” she says to go in 15 minute intervals. Get up 15 minutes early on day one, 30 minutes on day two, and so on until you reach the hour that you want to get up. It’s easier on your body and not so much of a shock. I would add to this and say try committing to getting up earlier for a week. See if you notice a difference in how you feel. You don’t have to start with an intense HIIT workout at first, even just a little yoga or stretching can make a huge impact. Yoga with Adriene has a Yoga Quickies – 10 minutes and under playlist as well as a 10-15 min Yoga Practice playlist on her YouTube channel. You could also try out one of Tracy Campoli’s many amazing workouts on her YouTube channel.

There is always something you can do. And you might find that your body starts to crave the movement – which is pretty amazing.

Those are my top tips for overcoming those feelings – overwhelmed, overworked, stressed out, and discouraged – and getting in your workout. Getting started is the hardest part sometimes, but once you do, you feel amazing. I’ve never regretted working out.

I hope these tips help. Do you have a proven strategy that works for you that I didn’t mention? Share it in the comment section. I’d love to learn some new tips!

As always if you have questions or requests, please let me know either by leaving a comment, tweeting at me (@CrimsnMacchiato) or find me on my Facebook page.(CrimsnMacchiato)

Have a wonderful week friends!! ❤


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