Impromptu Adventure

What started out as a simple trip to the store turned into an excursion across the state.

I was not prepared.

No make up, glasses on because I was tired and had only had two cups of coffee, and a simple braid.

But a smile nonetheless.
Ever have one of those days?

Often they turn out to be best, making many lasting memories. ā¤

We stopped by many different stores across the state… Checking prices on various items, looking for a few specific things… Of course, I always find an item or two that I would love..

While in the garden section I found this guy…


Um seriously? This succulent needs to be in my house! I also found this …


Yes! A cactus garden. I love love love cacti! I had something similar in high school as part of a botany project. It was a little larger than the one above and had a few different species of cacti. It was wonderful and I loved it, but my room just didn’t have enough sunlight for it.

I have a small garden of Prickly Pear cactus outside that are doing really well. (Yes, in Ohio!) I have one inside that is not doing well, I need to take it outside and plant it with the others. I will do a post on that later this spring/summer.

My dream (okay, one of my dreams) is to have a large Saguaro. I would give him a gigantic pot, name him, and give him lots of love. (Side note: I give all my plants names. Anyone else?)

And last, but certainly not least..


How cute is this outdoor pillow? I love flamingos. I told my husband that I would not put these pillows outside, I would utilize them around the house, probably in the living room. Haha!

We ended up leaving that store without buying anything. But it was fun to browse. šŸ™‚

When on spontaneous road trip adventures, one needs sustenance. As delicious as Arby’s sounded, we opted for my son’s pick: Subway. By this point in the day, (noon-ish) the sun had come out and it was started to get warm. Subway was the best choice, light, refreshing, healthy…


Hahaha! But in all seriousness, I had a black forest ham on Italian herbs and cheese bread, pepper jack cheese, toasted with lots of veggies! Yum! And I only had one cookie – the double chocolate chip – because Subway cookies are the best!

We ended up traveling north to visit with family.


This guy appeared out of nowhere to hitch a ride..


A little surprise..


Looking for wildlife…


A gorgeous sunset on the way to dinner…

Denny’s – It’s an American Institution… šŸ˜‰


Meet Ghost Cat:


When the cat has had enough of your photo shoot antics… ha!




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