Adventure to the Lake

Wednesday was beautiful. Sunny, warm, cerulean skies… An absolutely gorgeous April day.

We decided to take advantage and took a trip up north to Lake Erie.




First stop, of course, was my favorite – East Harbor State Park.

Look how gorgeous the beach is!



It was definitely windy and although the water wasn’t nearly warm enough, plenty of folks were swimming. The sand was soft and warm and the sound of the waves was relaxing. This is one of my favorite spots in all of the world.


Love from Ohio.


Then we headed over to Maumee Bay State Park. It’s only about a half hour away.  It was more windy there, but still plenty of people out fishing, enjoying the sunshine and the cool, refreshing water. – It was still too cold for me. 🙂

Thousands of shells.

It was a fun trip. If you are ever near northwest Ohio, I highly recommend stopping in to either of these parks.

Check out my article for more information about East Harbor State Park here:
A Visitor’s Guide to East Harbor State Park




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