5 Amazing Fitness Challenges You Need to Try

Hello friends! Happy Sunday!

I’m back and feeling much better! 🙂

Summer is around the corner and it’s time to really focus on fitness. The week and a half of being out with the flu took its toll. I did a cardio step video yesterday and I was .. humbled. We’ll leave it at that. haha.

While fitness is a lifestyle, and there really are no quick fixes, I love a good fitness challenge. It’s a great way to jump in as a beginner, or to switch up your current routine. Sometimes it’s exactly what you need to get out of a rut.

For the next month I plan on sharing all things fitness related and in honor of the Bikini Series starting tomorrow, I wanted to share my top 5 favorite fitness challenges.


#1 – Tone It Up Bikini Series



You saw it coming. I love this challenge so much. Kat and Karena have the most amazing energy, keeping you motivated and inspired through each workout. Every time you press play, you are transported to the gorgeous beach and it’s like you are with your best girlfriends just having a good time. The Bikini Series is a free 8 week fitness challenge. You can sign up at toneitup.com They have an amazing community of women who support each other and will lift you up when you are feeling down, and encourage your goals.. It’s wonderful!


#2 – 100 Days of TAM



Okay.. technically this isn’t an official fitness challenge, but it goes to show you that you can take the lead and create your own! TAM stands for the Tracy Anderson Method. Many of you know that I am a major fan. Tracy’s method helped me slim down for my wedding and I was in the best shape of my life. I still currently do TAM – getting in a muscular structure workout is one of my favorite past times and I love dance cardio. 100 days of TAM is just as it suggests – 100 consecutive days of doing any Tracy Anderson workout. It was an idea born by one of my friends in a TAM Facebook group last year. Tracy has many DVD’s available as well as a streaming service now. You can do any of the programs. The biggest thing is to stay consistent and that is really what this challenge is all about – Showing up for yourself and keeping your commitment. My favorite TAM program for getting ready for summer time is the Perfect Design Series. But if you are looking to completely change your body, Metamorphosis is the way to go. Read my review of the Tracy Anderson Method here.


#3 – Betty Rocker 30 Day Body Weight Challenge



Bree is bad-ass and her workouts will challenge and transform your body. Her passion for fitness shines through in each video, motivating and inspiring you through all the movements. She does the workout right along with you, and breaks each move down, so you can be sure your form is on point and you know what muscles you’re working. This challenge is completely free and each daily workout is only 15 minutes – perfect for all of us busy folks! Literally no excuse to not get fit.  Sign up here.


#4 – 15 Day Fit Model Fitness Challenge



I came across this challenge in February. It was one of those promo ads that comes across the Facebook feed. I clicked on the link to read more and signed up. It’s a simple challenge – 4 days of strength training with cardio and plyo bursts at the end, 1 day of yoga and stretching; Repeat 2 times. Once your 15 days is over, you can repeat the challenge for as many rounds as you’d like. I lost a total of 1.5 inches the first round, went on vacation, did a second round, and immediately started a third round. Karina Elle, a fitness model, wellness coach, and trainer, guides you through each workout, breaking down each move. She is also very active in the Facebook group community, answering questions and giving her love and encouragement.  Sign up here.


#5 – Revolution: 31 Days of Yoga – Yoga with Adriene



I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Fitness is a lifestyle. And for me, it all starts with a mind-body connection. Yoga is one of the best ways to slow down, get in tune with your body, and find balance. This challenge is all about being present, finding balance, getting fit, and connecting your mind and body with your breath. Adriene is one of my favorite yoga teachers. She breaks it all down for you, encourages you to listen to your body, and to find movements that feel good to you. In addition, with this challenge, she sends you a special daily email that compliments each practice. Learn more here.


So those are my five favorites. Have you tried any of these challenges? Do you have a favorite that I didn’t include? Leave a comment letting me know! Also, if there is anything fitness related that you would like me to cover, feel free to leave a comment or hit me up on social media. You can find me on Twitter here: @CrimsnMacchiato or on Facebook here: CrimsnMacchiato

Have an amazing week friends! ❤


2 thoughts on “5 Amazing Fitness Challenges You Need to Try

  1. This is really nice of you to share with fellow readers. As we approach summer, people need inspiration to help discover healthier paths in life to follow. A variety of videos does just that.
    Stay motivated, stay healthy!!

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