Steps to achieve a perfect self tan @Home

Spring is here! Time to break out those cute dresses, short sleeves, and maybe even your shorts! Read this guide from Laura Bruj on how to achieve the perfect self-tan.. at home!


Oh yeah! I’ve been using a self tanner for the probably past 10 years,and I usually use it early in the Spring,just to prevent my body to look like a ghost,when i’m trying to show off some legs,and sometimes in the Summertime,to actually correct a sun tan,and banish some tan lines.

Things you need to do to achieve a perfect self tan:

SHAVE any areas where you don’t want hair before self tanning.For women, that may mean the legs, underarms and bikini area. For guys, this may be the face and chest.

EXFOLIATE your skin before application. You’ll get the best results sloughing off those dead skin cells before application. I even like to dry brush before shower,so that will help too.

DRY SKIN Make sure your skin is completely dry after shaving and exfoliating. You also want to get all of the moisture out of the air (so no steamy bathrooms). Water is the…

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