February Favorites

Hello friends!

Here we are, the final day of February. This year is truly flying by… and it’s time once again for a little round up of favorites.

Here are a few things that I have been enjoying slightly more than other things this month. 🙂



So… this happened.

HA! Bugles are just a classic. When I saw them on sale at the store, I had to pick up a bag. Crunchy, slightly salty, a ton of fun to play around with, and eat!

It’s the simple things in life.

Crazy Weather – Gorgeous Skies


It has been a month of crazy weather here in Ohio. We broke our record and reached a high of 78 degrees last week! In February! We had days of 50-60 degree weather and then a small stretch of average winter temps. It is definitely weird… but we have taken full advantage, getting outside socializing with neighbors, playing volleyball, doing yoga and calisthenics, and getting a little jump start on spring cleaning. Being able to turn off the heat and open the windows is a welcome change. The sunrises and sunsets have also been absolutely gorgeous! There is something so peaceful about having a cup (or two) of coffee in the stillness and quiet of the early hours and enjoying the vibrant sunrise. Likewise, in the evening, it’s a pleasant surprise to see a beautiful sunset while doing my workout.


Pot Roast


Beef pot roast is one of my all time favorite meals! It’s simple and easy to put together, delicious, and it usually lasts us about 2-3 days – That is pretty amazing! I was fortunate and had roast not once, but twice this month! That is unheard of! A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, I asked my husband what he wanted for a nice dinner. We typically do not go all out for Valentine’s Day. We keep it very low key, usually just enjoying a quiet evening and a nice homemade meal. We chatted about it, and I told him that I thought roast sounded good. He agreed, and we actually ended up at the store – and bought a roast, potatoes, and carrots. We had roast before Valentine’s Day and it was so good! Fast forward three weeks.. Kroger had a good sale on beef chuck roast.. so of course we took advantage and had roast again. This time, on the second day, I boiled homemade noodles and made beef and noodles. It was very delicious!


Epsom Salt



I absolutely love Epsom Salt! It has a variety of uses, but I add it to a hot bath and soak for up to an hour. It eases achy, sore muscles, relieves stress, and helps with winter blues. It’s one of my favorite remedies, especially this month because I am participating in three fitness challenges. So, my body has been pretty sore. Plus, it’s a great excuse to unplug and read my magazines or a book.





As part of the Love Your Body Fitness Challenge from Tracy Campoli, you are encouraged to take #SweatySelfies . This was a fun picture my son and I took after our Valentine’s Day workout.


And last, but not least…

Justin Boots



I have wanted a pair of authentic cowboy boots for quite some time. After a little shopping, I found a pair that were practical and that I loved. These Justin boots are comfortable and quite supportive. There isn’t too much of a slant in the heel and they have a semi pointed, more squared off type of toe. I love them!


And that’s a wrap! Those were my favorite things this month. What were some of your favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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