Sasha – Repurpose

Meet Sasha.




This is Sasha, my pothos plant. I was given a start in August 2015, and within a few weeks, it took off. In the photos, you see my ingenuity .. I’ve re-purposed an old Folgers canister as a pot. I put several holes in the bottom and Sasha seems to enjoy the new home.

Below, you can see the beginning of my little jungle.











7 thoughts on “Sasha – Repurpose

  1. Such a nice looking plant. I myself have spider plants and they, like the pothos, grow very fast. Have you had any luck taking trimmings to get additional plants, or does it not work that way with pothos?

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    • Yes, I have actually. I cut a vine several months ago and put it in water. It took awhile for it to root, about a month and a half/two months. Then I put it a small container of soil and it’s been growing. (That’s Lucy. 🙂 ) On Sasha, I have also just stuck pieces of the vines into the dirt. After about a week, it will root. It is definitely one of the easiest plants to take care of.

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