A Trip to Salt Fork State Park – Ohio

Back in September of 2016, my son had a school picnic at Salt Fork State Park, in Southeastern Ohio. It was a gorgeous drive and a memorable trip. Southern Ohio is stunning! Rolling hills, vast meadows, and misty valleys are pictures straight out of a calendar. I was pretty excited when we drove by a bobcat. The sun had just started to rise, and I caught a glimpse of him just standing on the side of the road. It was pretty cool, especially since I had never seen one in the wild. (I wasn’t quick enough to snap a picture of it, though.)

beautiful landscape drive.jpg
Beautiful countryside.
A little fog on a chilly morning.

Salt Fork State Park is one of the largest state parks in Ohio, spanning over 20,000 acres of land and water. They have a golf course, miles of hiking and bridle trails, a beautiful beach, the Stone House Museum, and so much more! To read my Visitor’s Guide, click here.

A gorgeous view of Salt Fork Lake driving into the park.
The beautiful landscape at Salt Fork State Park.
Another stunning view of Salt Fork Lake.

My favorite part of Salt Fork was the Stone House Museum. Stone House is the ancestral home of the original owner of the land that now encompasses Salt Fork State Park. For more information about it and to see more pictures, click here.

Stone House museum

This sign was hanging up in the museum and I thought it was interesting.

The Woman’s World  1800-1900.

After leaving the park, we drove into Cambridge and ate at Cracker Barrel. It was one of the best Cracker Barrel’s I’ve ever visited! The staff was friendly, our waitress was top notch, and the food was amazing! 🙂

Pretty much the best game ever.

It was a really great day! 🙂


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