30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Days 22 and 23

Hello Friends!

As you move about the day, preparing for tomorrow, I invite you to really be present in the moment. Take in what is going on around you, what you are actively engaging in, and be sure to enjoy your time.

Today’s prompt is a return to our initial practice — finding simple, everyday things for which to be thankful. Be sure to mentally, or out loud — your choice, give thanks for at least 10 things. Again, it could be as simple as a few minutes of silence this morning while you enjoy your coffee; jamming out to music in the car as you drive to your destination; laughing and having fun with your loved ones as you make your preparations.. etc.

I also invite you to return to the evening practice of mentally going through your day before you go to sleep, giving thanks for the wonderful things that happened or for the people with whom you were able to spend your day.

Because we all are most likely going to be busy enjoying time with our families tomorrow, I decided to include tomorrow’s practice within this post.

It’s pretty simple — just enjoy the day. Try not to stress too much and just have fun.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 21

Hello Friends!

I know we are all busy this week as we prepare for the holiday. So, a short and sweet prompt is in order. 🙂

Today I’d like you to think about the traditions you and your family have for the holiday season, and express gratitude for them.

Which ones are your absolute favorites? Are there things you did as a child that you do now with your own family? Can you think of some funny moments from years past as your family celebrated the holidays?

Thanksgiving is pretty low key for us. We usually get up early, watch the Macy’s Day Parade, and cook dinner together. The past few years we’ve had ham, mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, apple-grape salad, and pumpkin pie, of course. 🙂 We like to relax and watch movies together. It’s always a fun, chill day.

Christmas is where we ramp it up. My husband shares a sweet tradition with our son from his childhood — Each day they hang up a candy cane somewhere around the house. It’s something small, but fun that they do together. My son and I decorate the whole house while we listen to Christmas music, or watch a Christmas movie. We let him open one gift on Christmas Eve, and we get up early on Christmas to exchange gifts.

Another fun thing we’ve done for the past few years is Bumble’s Adventures.  You can read all about that here.

Share some of your favorite traditions in the comments. 🙂

Have a terrific day!








30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 20 – A Morning Routine

Hello Friends!

Happy Monday!

Today let’s think about our morning routine, and how it can set us up for success. The holiday season is almost in full swing. Chances are you are going to be super busy this week with preparations for Thanksgiving.. and beyond. It can be stressful.

Having a set morning routine prepares you for the day ahead. There is nothing worse than rushing around in the morning because you carry that feeling with you for the rest of the day.. when you feel rushed, you get stressed, and before you know it, the whole day just feels horrible.

First, think about your current routine. Do you already have one in place? If so, awesome! You’ll be ready for the next step. If you don’t, you might consider starting one to set yourself up for success. Be sure to take a few moments for yourself.. whether you sit down to watch the news while enjoying your coffee, read the newspaper while you eat breakfast, or just pause and enjoy a few moments of silence.

If you don’t have time to sit down or enjoy a few moments of silence, that’s okay. You could consider getting up earlier, or think about incorporating the next step.

During your morning routine, you can practice your daily gratitude. Feeling thankful first thing in the morning, amidst all the things going on, helps get you into the right mindset and sets you up for a successful day.

Here are some suggestions:

After you hit the off button on your alarm, take a few deep breaths and express gratitude for another day of being alive.

When you go into the bathroom to start your morning activities, think about how amazing it is to have warm, running water at the tip of your fingers.

Enjoy that first sip of coffee, water, tea, orange juice, milk.. whatever you’re having in the morning. Isn’t it wonderful that you have a beverage available to quench your thirst and get you ready for the day?

Are you driving to work? How awesome that you have a car and it’s getting you to your destination safely.


Sometimes it’s the simplest things, that we all tend to take for granted now and then, that mean the most.


Have a marvelous day!



How To Deal With People

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

Thanksgiving is this week in the U.S.

Thursday evening, after the turkey (or ham) and pumpkin pie have been gobbled up, naps taken, football played (and watched), the official start of Christmas shopping begins.

Black Friday in particular is always a mad house. People get up super early to score deals on gifts for their family and friends, as well as treasures for themselves.

With the holiday season in full swing, I thought I would repost this gem from last year. It was around this time that I encountered some rudeness and was inspired to write this post. I’m proud to say that I held my tongue and remained the better person by not responding in the heat of the moment. As I reiterate below, sometimes the best response is silence.

Manners are important.

Being polite is important.

Treating people with respect is important.

These are universal truths and you’ll find that you get a lot further in life by using your manners.

I think this is something we all can keep in mind this holiday season, and beyond.

Without further ado…

How To Deal With People

-Simple, straightforward, and to the point –

In all situations, in all encounters, with strangers, people who work in customer service, rude members of your family, etc..

Be polite.

Be kind.

Remember your manners.

When in doubt, remain silent.

“Be kind to unkind people. They need it the most.” -Buddha

This will save you a lot of future headache.

Is it easy? Is it instantly satisfying?

No. Not at all.

In fact, it could probably be one of the hardest things you will ever do – it is one of the most challenging skills to master.


And it just might kill you… Constantly deflecting rudeness, personal criticism, just plain meanness….Always striving to be gracious and kind, no matter the circumstance.

But you will be a better person for it. It’s the right thing to do; other polite, well mannered people will respect you; and in my opinion, it is a true mark of being an adult.

When someone is rude,keep a smile on your face.When you stay on the high road and keep your joy,you take away their power..jpg

When people are rude to you,they reveal who they are,not who you are.Don't take it personally.


There is never an excuse for being rude.


Always be polite.



30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 19 – Set Yourself Up For Success

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all enjoying a peaceful, relaxing weekend.

Today’s gratitude prompt is a little different.

I want to share a fun and powerful exercise that I do at the end of each day before going to sleep.

Each night when I lay down, I get comfy, close my eyes, and take a few deep breaths. I try to clear my mind, as you would do when meditating or even praying. Then, silently in my mind, I run through the days events and give thanks for random points of the day that were meaningful.

Then comes something magical. I like to run through the next day in my mind. I start with getting up, go through my morning routine, and hit the major highlights of the day.

I visualize myself going through each action and focus on how I want my day to go, how I want to feel throughout the day.

This exercise has truly helped improve my mood, and it has changed my life for the better. When I get up in the morning, I feel ready to tackle whatever might come my way.

This is a wonderful practice to incorporate before any major event in your life. Do you have a big meeting or presentation at work? Take a few minutes before to focus on your breath and visualize yourself in your meeting or doing your presentation.

You might surprise yourself with how well things go afterward.

Today, I invite you to give this practice a try. You can do it at any point throughout your day, or wait until the evening before you go to sleep.

Have a wonderful Sunday and let me know how it goes!



30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 18

Hello friends!

Happy Saturday!

Today, we reflect on the past week. What did you do? Did you do anything fun? Did you spend time with your family? Did you accomplish anything? Take a few minutes today and think about all the good things that happened. Take a moment and express thanks for 5-10 things that happened, or for the people you were able to spend time with.



Have a wonderful Saturday!



30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 17

Books are magical.

They have the power to transport us to faraway lands, take us on exciting adventures, and allow us to be anyone we wish.

Reading has always been one of my favorite things to do.

Today, I invite you to give thanks for your favorite book or books throughout the years. What story had the greatest impact on your life? What novel inspired you the most? What is your favorite fictional character?

Chances are if you’re like me, you will have multiple answers to those questions. Share your favorites in the comment section below.


Have a fabulous day, friends!



30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 16

Hello Friends!

Can you believe we are one week away from Thanksgiving? Pumpkin Pie is calling my name. haha!

But today, let’s consider how fortunate we are to have food in our kitchen — to be able to walk in, open the refrigerator or the cupboard, and grab out something tasty and nourishing to snack on.

There are many people in this world, in our country, in our state, maybe even in the town you live in, that either don’t have enough to eat, worried about when they will be able to eat again, or wondering where their next meal will come from.

So today, I invite you to pause before you eat or drink anything, and just give a mental thank you. Think about how what you are about to eat or drink will nourish your body and fuel you for your day.

I also invite you to look into giving back, if you are able. There are plenty of food drives going on around the country where you can donate canned goods, maybe consider volunteering at a local shelter or soup kitchen.


Have a terrific day!



30 Day Gratitude Challenge | Day 15 – It’s the Time of the Season

Hello Friends!


Well, now that that is out of our systems… haha! Such a good song. Anyway, let’s express thanks for our favorite season.

Here in Ohio, we experience all four seasons. I don’t think it’s a secret that my favorite season is summer. I love warm weather, sunshine, and going to the beach. It’s my favorite.

Lake Erie at East Harbor State Park in Ohio.

What’s your favorite and why? Leave a comment and let me know!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!