7 Powerful Fitness Quotes to Ignite Your Spirit and Strengthen Your Focus

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

Summer is officially here! We went up north to Lake Erie to celebrate and enjoy the day with family. It was sunny, warm, and absolutely gorgeous – perfect weather for a yummy picnic!

Here’s a little peek at Lake Erie from East Harbor State Park in Northwest Ohio.

I highly recommend visiting if you are in the area.


Of course we all took a million pictures. If you don’t capture it, it never happened right? haha!

In the words of Jim Gaffigan, “You ever see a photo of yourself… And it kinda ruins your day?”

Well, while it didn’t necessarily ruin my day, a few pictures were snapped of me that were just not flattering…. and definitely had me re-thinking my fitness goals.

This is a good reminder for us all – we should take time to measure our progress, or lack thereof, and revisit our fitness goals. It’s a time for honesty and self-reflection. (Which I did last week for the end of Bikini Series)

And this is also a good reminder to look up a tutorial or two about how to pose in pictures. haha! –if that sort of thing is important to you.

Last week I shared 7 powerful fitness quotes to inspire greatness.

So in the spirit of summer – sand, sun, beach days- and new fitness goals, I thought I would share 7 more powerful fitness quotes to ignite our spirits and keep us focused.

Are you ready to have a kick-ass week?

Let’s do this!


If you spendtoo much timethinkingabout a thing,You'll never get it done.Make at least onedefinite movedailytoward your goal.


I train like I'm training for the Olympics or for a Mr. America contest,the way I've always trainedmy whole life.You see, life is a battlefield.Life is survival of the fittest.How many h


Train tire


The purpose of trainingisto tighten up the slack,toughen the body,andpolish the spirit.



If you ever lack the motivation to trainthen think what happensto your mind and bodywhen you don't.


Life is meantto be a challengeBecausechallengesmake you grow..jpg


Don't make training

Focus : Reginald



Many of you may remember Reginald, my mass cane plant. In April, he started to grow a stem and I was pleasantly surprised to find out he would flower. It took him a few weeks, but he produced an entire stem of beautiful, sweet-smelling white flowers. They opened up at night, and unfortunately, contributed to an ant problem.

Reginald participated in the “cinnamon challenge,” whereby I went absolutely crazy one evening, fed up with the pesky invaders, and sprinkled cinnamon all over the place. It worked!

The flowers lasted a good two to three weeks before dying off. It was a wonderful surprise!


Bikini Series 2017 | Week 8 | Final Check-In

Just being a mermaid. 
If you follow me on Instagram (which I hope you do – I’m @CrimsnMacchiato) you know that I am taking part in a 12 day Disney Yogi Princesses Yoga Challenge. It’s so fun! But let me say, it takes a lot (at least for me) to get a good picture. The Disney Princess above is, you probably already guessed, Ariel. ❤ It’s my favorite out of all the ones we’ve done so far.


This is my final Tone It Up Bikini Series Check-In! The challenge is basically over… this last week most of the girls are taking part in the 7 day slim down.

This last week was great! I worked out every day.. doing something. My shoulders have been really bothering me, so I’ve been incorporating yoga and Feldenkrais movements to help…. also, IcyHot is amazing!

So let’s talk results.

I took my measurements yesterday morning.

There’s good news and bad news. I always start out with the bad news, and end with the good.

Bad news: I actually gained 2.75 inches overall

Good news: I lost .75 inches overall.

So essentially I gained 2 inches.


But it’s not all about the numbers.

I’ve been consistent with working out, listening to my body and taking off a day or two only when needed – not because I just didn’t want to workout or I was too busy.

I am more conscious about what I am eating and overall, I feel good.

Now, I am disappointed with the numbers.. but there are plenty of factors that go into measurements and by next week, those 2 inches could very well be gone.

No big deal. Why?

Because fitness is a lifestyle… and one I am passionate about.

(Also the big 3-0 is quickly approaching… and it’s already super easy to gain and a struggle to lose.. so definitely need to get it together.)

Going forward, I will be making a few changes to switch it up.

Number 1 – I need to get more sleep. I get up early every day and despite good intentions, end up getting to bed late. Last night I did well, I got to bed before 10p. 🙂

Number 2 – I need to show up more often for cardio. I used to love it, but now that I’m older, I don’t so much. Then I have that pesky ankle… But no excuses. I will definitely be incorporating cardio and HIIT a few times a week. To make sure that I do it, I will write it on my calendar and create an event for it on my phone.

I think that is a good, realistic start.

Tiger pose.

7 Powerful Fitness Quotes to Inspire Greatness

Hello Friends!

Happy Sunday!

There was an absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning. It was magnificent!


Also, a happy father’s day to all of you amazing, hard-working dads!

We are nearing the end of the Tone It Up Bikini Series. This final week is all about the 7 Day Slim Down meal plan… which means it’s time to focus, commit, and slay those fitness goals! (whether you are doing the plan or not.)

In honor of that, today I am sharing 7 powerful fitness quotes to inspire greatness! Let’s kick ass this week! 😉


If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyon.jpg


Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they've been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It's an opinion. Impossi.jpg


Thoughts are things. Negativity is what kills you... It's tough to do, but you've got to work at living, you know- Most people work at dying, but anybody can die; the easiest thing on th


There is only one personresponsibleforwhere you are todayandwhere you'll be tomorrow.


The road to success and greatness is always paved w%2F consistent hard work.Outwork your competitors, be authentic and above all else..Chase your greatness..jpg


Defeat is a state of mind;No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality.



Happy Father’s Day


Today we celebrate dads.





The sky was in celebration, too. Absolutely magnificent!

Not only is my husband the love of my life, but he is also an amazing dad to our son! ❤

Wishing a happy Father’s Day to all of dads today! I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing day surrounded by your family.


Darling Voxbox Review

Darling Voxbox from Influenster
*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own*

Mother’s Day is special and I was excited for the chance to pamper myself a bit with these goodies in the Darling Voxbox from Influenster.

Influenster is a great website where you can discover new products, write honest reviews, create personalized lists of your favorite products or create wishlists, earn badges, participate in campaigns, and test out products for free! Anyone can join! I also love the scan feature in the app. When you are out shopping, you can scan the barcode on an item and instantly see reviews for it! It’s a life-saver!

Interested? Click my reference link to sign up and get started today! http://www.influenster.com/r/1073568

The Darling voxbox was filled with amazing products! I spent about three weeks trying out all of them. Here are my thoughts.

Live Clean Baby Gentle Moisture Tearless Shampoo & Wash and Baby Lotion

Retail Price: $5.99 – Both Products
These two products brought back sweet memories from when my son was a baby.  He used the cleanser as a shampoo and I used it as a body wash. It gently cleanses and leaves skin feeling clean and soft. The lotion has a subtle lavender scent and leaves skin hydrated and baby soft. Both of these products are great for sensitive skin. These are perfect for anyone with a baby!

Overall, I give both of these products 5 stars out of 5. 


Nature’s Bounty Energy Gummies

Retail Price: $7.99
I was pretty excited about this product initially. My energy level always dips in the afternoon and I was hoping that these energy gummies would be the solution. Most of you know that I love coffee… and I drink a pot of black coffee every day. Because of my high tolerance of caffeine, I had my husband, who does not drink coffee on a regular basis, test out these gummies, too. He took two each morning before leaving for work. I had my two with lunch. My husband said that they helped him get through the first few hours of his day. However, I did not notice a difference in my energy level, although taking them did make me feel healthier. As for the taste, initially it is very chemical. The gummies do not taste like watermelon. But after a few days, you do get used to it, and they end up tasting okay.

Overall, I give these energy gummies 4 stars out of 5.


Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

Retail Price: $14.99 for full size
My hair is long, thick, and I dye it red every month. I am always in need of deep conditioners and hydrating masks. The harsh winter and spring left my hair dehydrated, so I was excited to try this out. I was concerned that I would use this entire 2oz. bottle in one use, but surprisingly, I was able to get three applications out of it! The mask contains Argan oil and Keravis protein which left my hair stronger and so so soft! I was truly amazed by the transformation of my hair. And the tropical scent lasted for days! This was by far my favorite item in the entire voxbox.


Overall, I give this hair mask 5 stars out of 5.


Duncan Hines Perfect for 1: Chocolate Lovers Cake

Retail Price: $2.50
Fun fact: I do not have a microwave. Mine may or may not have gone out in a blaze of glory…. haha! Anyway, I had to get creative when whipping this up, but it surprisingly was not that difficult. All you have to do is put the mix in a mug and add a liquid.. I added milk. I put it in our convection oven and within 5 minutes I had a delicious chocolate cake! I added low fat vanilla frozen yogurt and sprinkles – Yum! I split it with my son and we both loved it!

Overall, I give this delicious product 5 stars out of 5.


Country Crock Buttery Spread

Retail Price: $1.81-$2.99 for 15oz.
Country Crock was a staple in my house growing up. We used it for everything! My husband and I both love this buttery spread, so we were excited to get a coupon for a free 15 oz tub! Fun fact: when we went to buy this, Wal-Mart had a sale on butter and we ended up purchasing a large tub in addition to getting this little one!

Because I don’t drink milk, I love that Country Crock has a product with additional calcium to help me meet my daily nutritional requirement. I use this in my recipes for cooking and when I bake sweet treats! It has no artificial flavors and has 0g of trans-fat! Plus the rectangular design of the tub fits better in the refrigerator, and once all the buttery-goodness is gone, I re-use the containers.

Overall, I give this product 5 stars out of 5! 



That is everything that was in the Darling Voxbox. I loved testing out all of these products! Have you tried any of these? Did you receive this Voxbox? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

15 Essential Life Lessons from Mister Rogers

Years ago, I read The World According to Mister Rogers: Important Things to Remember. It was an amazing book filled with wisdom and insight.

Mister Rogers touched the hearts of many. He was genuine and truly cared about others. Every week, we turned on our TVs and welcomed him into our homes. He taught us much about life, emphasizing the importance of being kind and understanding.

In today’s chaotic world, it is nice to think back on those simpler times and remind ourselves of some universal truths.

The following are a few of those life lessons and snippets of wisdom that stuck out.

Enjoy. 🙂


“Some days doing the best we can may still fall short of what we would like to be able to do, but life isn’t perfect – on any front – and doing what we can with what we have is the most we should expect of ourselves or anyone else.”
-Pg. 26

“How many times have you noticed that its the little, quiet moments, in the midst of life, that seem to give the rest extra-special meaning?”
-Pg. 34

“All our lives, we rework the things from our childhood, like feeling good about ourselves, managing our angry feelings, and being able to say good-bye to people we love.”
-Pg. 39


“Solitude is different from loneliness, and it doesn’t have to be a lonely kind of thing.”
-Pg. 43

“You rarely have time for everything you want in this life, so you need to make choices. And hopefully your choices come from a deep sense of who you are.”
-Pg. 44

“I believe it’s a fact of life that what we have is less important than what we make out of what we have. The same holds true for families: It’s not how many people there are in a family that counts, but rather the feelings among the people who are there.”
-Pg. 50


“The thing I remember best about successful people I’ve met all through the years, is their obvious delight in what they’re doing…and it seems to have very little to do with worldly success. They just love what they’re doing and they love it in front of others.”
-Pg. 54

“Love isn’t a state of perfect caring; It is an active noun, like ‘struggle.’ To love someone is to strive to accept that person, exactly the way he or she is, right here and now.”
-Pg. 65


“..To err is human. Even good people sometimes do bad things.”
-Pg. 73

“There is only one thing evil cannot stand and that is forgiveness.”
-Pg. 74

“…If we’ve ever wanted someone’s love, then we’ve known what competition really means.”
-Pg. 77

“Forgiveness is a strange thing. It can sometimes be easier to forgive our enemies than our friends. It can be hardest of all to forgive people we love. Like all of life’s important coping skills, the ability to forgive and the capacity to let go of resentments most likely take root very early in our lives.”
-Pg. 90

“The greatest gift you ever give is your honest self .”
-Pg. 94

“As different as we are from one another, as unique as each one of us is, we are much more the same than we are different.”
-Pg. 204


“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping’.”
-Pg. 208


Bikini Series 2017 | Week 7 | #TIU

Hello friends! It’s week 7 of the Tone It Up Bikini Series.. already!

This week has been great! I didn’t workout Monday. I needed a rest day.

But I have worked out every other day this week. Between my Tracy Anderson mat work and the Tone It Up daily moves and workout videos, I’m feeling stronger and slimmer. I’ve also been successful at adding in Yoga.

I have been craving the beach something crazy… the weather has been warm and sunny here in Ohio.. but of course, the day we planned a picnic at East Harbor it was cold, dreary, rainy…

Hair curled, coffee in hand.
No East Harbor, but…

We ended up having the picnic with family and spent the entire day having a blast! The sun actually came out and we enjoyed being outside all day. It was perfect.

The past few days we hit 90 degrees – which is awesome for my workouts! 🙂

I am looking forward to this final week… I can’t wait to see my results! ❤



18 Fun Quotes to Inspire the Lighter Side of Life and Add a Little Humor to Your Day

Hello friends! Happy Sunday!

The past week was a little crazy, a bit unexpected, but a ton of fun! Which is fitting because this week, I wanted to share a little light-heartedness and a little humor.

Sometimes we just need a laugh… A gentle reminder to not take life too seriously.

Below I have a collection of inspiring quotes that are meant to do just that. I hope you enjoy them! 🙂


Don't take life too seriously.You'll never get out of it alive.


“Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.”
-Mallory Hopkins

“A positive attitude won’t solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”

“I have a simple philosophy. Fill what’s empty. Empty what’s full. Scratch where it itches.”
-Alice Roosevelt Longworth


I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.It's a way of looking at lifethrough the wrong end of a telescope,which is what I do,and that enables you to laugh at life's re.jpg



“Life is so constructed that an event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.”
-Charlotte Bronte

“Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.”
-Albert Einstein

“Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure you are not in fact surrounded by assholes.”
-Sigmund Freud


That's not a gray hair, honey.That's your


“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long shot. To truly laugh, you must take your pain and play with it.”
-Charles Chaplin

“As you proceed through life, following your own path, birds will shit on you. Don’t bother to brush it off. Getting a comedic view of your situation gives spiritual distance. Having a sense of humor saves you.”
-Joseph Campbell

“Drop the idea that you are Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. The world would go on even without you. Don’t take yourself so seriously.”
-Norman Vincent Peale


Maybe swearing will help.


“Even if you are on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”
-Will Rogers

“If you love somebody set them free – it also works equally well if you hate somebody.”
-Josh Stern

“Life is rather like a tin of sardines – we’re all of us looking for the key.”
-Alan Bennett


You ought to be thankfula whole heaping lotfor the people and placesyou're luckyyou're not.


“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow! What a ride!”
-Hunter S. Thompson 


Well, there you have it. I hope you had a laugh, or at the very least, cracked a smile. Do you have a favorite fun quote about life? Share it in the comments!

Have a wonderful week, friends! ❤