Ignite Your Inner Fire: 7 Amazing Fitness Quotes to Get You Moving This Week

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

We are entering our last full week of January.


I don’t know about you, but I am excited to move forward.. each day brings us a little closer to summer.. beautiful warm sunshine, cerulean skies, puffy white clouds, ice-cold lemonade, Lake Erie, picnics, grilling… oh yes!!


I might be getting a little ahead of myself there.

This might be the time when you’ve missed a workout or two. You’re getting tired. You’re sore. And when you feel like that, it’s easy to skip that exercise session.. making promises that you’ll do it tomorrow or in a few days when you feel better. When you start making excuses, it gets easier to keep coming up with more reasons why you can’t.

It’s okay. I think the vast majority of us have been there. But let’s start today to recommit. With that in mind, I wanted to share some fitness inspiration to help give you that little push.


If you're serious about changing your lifeyou'll find a way.If you're not,you'll find an excuse.Sacrificeisgiving up on something goodforsomething better.Passionis your back up generatorwhenall your other energy sourcesstart to sputter.Don't get too comfortable.Seek challenges.Push yourself.andIgnore what others think.There are two types of people_Those who wait for things to happen.andThose who go out and make things happen.Which are you_Your biggest challengeisn't someone else.It's the ache in your lungs andthe burning in your legs.It's the voice inside you,screaming, _can't._Don't listen.You'll miss daysyou'll catch a cold and so on..Life is full of eventswe can't controland these eventswill temporarily derail youfrom your best-laid plans.But don't quit.Get back on track

Now go workout!

Have a great week friends!



L’OREAL Paris ElVive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm | Influenster Voxbox Review

*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own*

Hello friends!

Today I wanted to chat about a new hair product I received from Influenster to test out and review.

In case you were wondering, Influenster is a great website where you can discover new products, write honest reviews, create personalized lists of your favorite products or create wishlists, earn badges, participate in campaigns, and test out products for free! Anyone can join! I’ve been a member for a few years now and I love it! One of my favorite things is the app. Many campaign activities, such as social media posts, are easier using the app. You can upload your makeup or beauty looks now, too. I also love the scan feature in the app. When you are out shopping, you can scan the barcode on an item and instantly see reviews for it! It’s a life-saver! 

Interested? Click my reference link to sign up and get started today! http://www.influenster.com/r/1073568

Onto the good stuff…

I received the L’OREAL Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm. When I first opened the box to see which product I would be trying out, I was hit with both déjà vu and excitement. The vibrant red container called out to me and looked just like a L’OREAL product I had used many times in the past. (I even wrote a little review on it last January) I loved that product and purchased it many times throughout 2017, until about late summer when I couldn’t find it in any of the stores near me. Well, L’OREAL revamped their product and I was so happy to receive this because I knew it would work on my hair!

I wasn’t disappointed. After that first use, my hair was soft and silky, just as expected.


This product helps strengthen hair fiber and helps preserve color vibrancy, which is key for us ladies with red hair. But, anyone who colors their hair should use this product to keep their locks looking beautiful!

While this product is an in-shower deep conditioning hair mask, I use it every time I wash my hair, in place of my normal conditioner. My hair is l o n g and needs all the moisture it can get, especially now in the winter time. Using this product regularly helps keep my hair looking and feeling gorgeous!

Here, you can see just how long my hair is. haha!

I highly recommend this product and as soon I see it in a store, I’m purchasing it. I love this stuff!

Overall, I give this product 5 stars out of 5 stars.


Well, that’s it. Have you tried this? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

3 Ways to Boost Your Mood

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday!

What a week!

Minor irritations creep up in life from time to time. Cold weather, tons of snow, all the annoyances that those two things bring, minor setbacks, aches and pains, etc…

But when these frustrations start to accumulate, we just get fed up.

Instead of allowing all of it to build up and ruin your day, give these three tricks a try to instantly boost your mood and get on your way to having a better day.



Practice Gratitude.

When you find yourself getting frustrated, take a moment to pause. Go get yourself a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage, look out a window, and breathe. Challenge yourself to turn whatever it is around and find something to be grateful for. If you can’t, it’s okay. Simply give thanks for this moment. Looking outside, (or being outside if weather allows.) sipping your beverage, and just breathing. Be present for a few moments. Listen to the birds chirping. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine (the refreshing rain, or pretty snow.) This simple exercise is incredibly powerful and will help turn your day around. To take it a little further, challenge yourself to the 5 rule. Will this matter in 5 minutes? 5 months? 5 years? This helps give you perspective and 9.9 times out of 10, will help ease frustration.


You knew it was coming. Only a matter of time. haha! Yes, one of my favorite ways to deal with frustration and stress is to exercise. Yoga, cardio, HIIT, lifting weights, dancing, whatever you’re feeling, there’s movement to help you feel better. If weather permits, get outside. Go for a walk or a run. Visit a local or state park. Go the beach and find some stillness and peace in watching the water. Just getting out in your own backyard is amazing. Exercise helps us channel that negative energy into something positive — Getting your blood moving, working your muscles, connecting with your breath, and endorphins flooding your brain. Just 5 minutes of movement can help recharge and refresh you, putting you back on the path to having a great day!

Take a Time Out.

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just can’t shake the frustration. Or maybe you don’t have it in you to workout, or you’re so fed up the thought of finding anything to be grateful for is beyond you at the moment. That’s okay. It happens. When it gets to this point, I like to take a time out. Sometimes this means taking a nap. Naps are wonderful and it is truly amazing how a 2 hour nap improves your outlook on life. Other times it means relaxing with a favorite TV show or movie. Maybe it means curling up with a book or taking a bubble bath. The important thing is to physically and mentally step away from the frustrations and stress, focusing on an enjoyable activity for a little while. This works wonders at improving your mood.


Combining my love of reading and my love of yoga to combat a little frustration.

Those are my 3 tips to boost your mood. What are some things you like to do? Leave a comment and let me know!

Have a wonderful week friends!

7 Things You Should Do When You Start Feeling Sick

Hello friends!

Happy Sunday! Our very first Sunday of 2018!

Originally, I had planned on writing up a little something concerning mindset and gratitude. But yesterday, throughout the day, I started to notice a familiar little tingle in the back of my throat. Granted, I went to bed pretty late the night before and still woke up early and went about my day. I was planning on taking a nice afternoon nap, but I was surprised with a burst of energy and by the time I was actually ready to relax, I didn’t have the time. Go figure, right?

Getting sick usually happens at the most inopportune time. I have so much planned these next few weeks. I simply cannot get sick.

I’d say that’s probably the vast majority of people.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve to try to stave off this potential cold/flu virus and I thought I would share them with all of you this week.

Let’s get started!


Disinfect all common surfaces.

Grab out your Lysol wipes, paper towels and cleaner spray, whatever you use and spend 5-10 minutes wiping down all door knobs, faucets, light switches, TV remotes, and whatever else you can think of that everyone is always touching. Clean your computer, keyboard, mouse, tablet, phone, all electronics as well. I like to use a paper towel with a bit of hand sanitizer to wipe down most of that. Be sure to use something that is electronic friendly.

Run your humidifier/vaporizer.

I love to have my humidifier running with a little Vicks solution to spread that euclyptus scent throughout my house. Be careful with this, though. You don’t want to put too much humidity in the air. The general consensus on the ideal humidity level is a range between 30% and 50%. It all depends on your home. For us, we strive to maintain a delicate balance between our dehumidifier and our humidifier.

I found these three articles helpful:

Humidifiers: Air moisture eases skin, breathing symptoms

How to Maintain the Proper Humidity Levels in Your Home

Relative Humidity and Your Home

H2O and Orange Juice

Staying hydrated is important, especially if you are starting to feel sick. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Adding pieces of fruit or splashes of lemon juice is a great way to mix it up!

I also love to have an extra glass or two of orange juice when I’m feeling under the weather. The vitamin C does wonders for your immune system. Because I am not a fan of milk, I always choose orange juice with added calcium and vitamin D.

Hot Tea.

Tea has many benefits. When your throat is sore, nothing is better than a cup of soothing hot tea. When I start to feel sick, I reach for Yogi Echinacea tea. I also love Yogi Kava tea. Both are delicious and great for boosting the immune system and de-stressing.

Wash your hands.

The single best way to stop the spread of germs is by washing your hands. This is so important. I used to work in the healthcare field, and this was always the number one thing that was emphasized. Everyone should wash their hands, but when you’re starting to feel sick, be even more mindful of lathering up.

Hot bath.

It is so wonderful to sink in to a bathtub full of hot bubbles and relax. An epsom salt bath is always a good choice, too, if it’s available to you. When I don’t have any epsom salt, I like to add a little baking soda to my bath for a detox. I think it’s more mind over matter with the baking soda, but hey, whatever works, right? haha!


Last, but not least, my favorite: sleep. I think part of my problem right now is that I didn’t get enough sleep. Getting to bed at a decent time is a struggle sometimes. There is just so much to do. However, your body needs rest, especially if you’re starting to feel sick. We can’t always control what time we need to be up. (I have to be up at 4:50am each morning) So, try your very best to get to bed early, or at least at a decent time. I always shoot for 9pm. Most days I get there right around 9pm, but life gets busy and there are nights when I’m lucky to get there at 10pm. Getting to bed early when you are starting to feel sick might just help prevent you from getting full blown sick.


Those are the seven main things I do when I start feeling unwell. Do you have any tried and true tricks? Share them with me in the comments. I’d love to know anything else I can do. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my thoughts positive that I’m going to be feeling better later today.

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Beat Those Winter Hair Blues! Hair Sanity to the Rescue!



*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.*


Recently, I had the opportunity to test the Hair Sanity 2 Step system – An anti-itch shampoo and anti-dandruff conditioner. I was also sent a complimentary hair rejuvenator, a deep conditioner. How perfect!


When I opened the shampoo, the first thing I noticed was the scent – a hint of vanilla with a minty twist. With no metallic aftertones, this is not a traditional dandruff anti-itch system. It lathers nicely, instantly relieves itchiness and irritation, and leaves your scalp feeling tingly and clean.


Next comes the conditioner. The scent is a little softer, but very pleasant. The directions say to massage the conditioner directly on your scalp, working it through to your ends, and letting it sit for 30 seconds, up to 3 minutes, depending on your hair type. I was nervous about this step because my roots tend to get greasy. I only ever apply conditioner to my ends. But, for the purpose of this review, I followed the directions exactly.

Surprise, surprise. While the conditioner did help with my dry, itchy scalp, it was not hydrating enough for the rest of my hair. Combing my hair was a challenge, to put it lightly. The next morning, my roots did look greasy and I ended up having to wash my hair again later that evening. I repeated the same steps, standing under the water for a few extra minutes, just to be sure I rinsed out all the conditioner. Same result.

So, for the past few weeks, I decided to only use the shampoo and my normal conditioner. Much better! My hair is soft and it looks beautiful. Plus, no itchy scalp.


My husband and my son both used the shampoo as well. My husband always has a dry scalp during the winter. He loved it and uses it in place of his normal anti-dandruff shampoo every shower. He commented that his hair felt softer and his scalp felt better, too.

Because I color my hair, I was concerned that the shampoo would strip my red. There’s nothing on the bottle that says it’s color safe, so it was a true test.

I dyed my hair the week before Christmas and I’ve used the Hair Sanity shampoo faithfully every time I wash my hair. My color still looks vibrant and beautiful. I think this shampoo has actually helped bring out the vibrancy of the red. I am pleasantly surprised at this.


My favorite part of this entire system is the hair rejuvenator. When I opened the box and saw the little bottle, I actually laughed out loud. I was excited to get the free gift to try and I am always looking for a good deep conditioner, but the bottle is tiny – 0.5 fl.oz. My hair is long (down to my tush long) and thick. I honestly thought that I would be lucky to get one use out of the rejuventor.

I’ve actually used it three times, and I have enough for another use. No one is more shocked than me at this information. And I have to say, this is my favorite product out of all three.

The Hair Sanity Rejuvenator is a game changer — that is not an exaggeration. A little goes a long way. When you open the top, a clear, thin liquid comes out into your hand. As you massage it into your ends, it thickens to coat all your strands. You can feel it instantly soften your hair. I was able to finger-comb it through my hair. (Which is a feat. I can’t do that with my everyday conditioner.) I left it on for 5 minutes and rinsed it out. After my normal towel dry, my hair was still soft and it was easy to comb through. My hair looks and feels silky and soft. The best part is that I still have some left.


Final thoughts:

The shampoo is great. The scent is wonderful, it relieves dry, itchy scalps, and doesn’t strip my color.  My family is still using it and I would buy the shampoo again. I did not like the conditioner. It just doesn’t work for my hair. It made my roots greasy and wasn’t hydrating enough for my ends. My husband and I both saw great results only using the first step. I give the Hair Sanity 2 Step System a 3 out of 5 stars.

The Hair Sanity Rejuvenator is amazing. Just a small amount hydrated and moisturized my hair, allowing me to comb through wet strands with no tangles or hassle. It left my hair looking and feeling silky smooth. I will definitely be buying this product. I give the Hair Sanity Rejuvenator 5 out of 5 stars. I highly recommend this to anyone who has long hair, colored or processed hair, dry hair, or if you just need a little extra oomph. This is an amazing product.


How To Set Successful New Year’s Resolutions

Hello friends!

It’s our final day of 2017. We made it.

The other day we received some flyers in the mail for a gym and a fitness center in our area. As I looked at these, I couldn’t help but chuckle and shake my head.

“And so it begins.” I proclaimed out loud.

It’s that time again.

When everyone decides that this is going to be the year.

The year to eat healthy.

The year to get fit.

So, people take advantage of that awesome gym membership deal. They buy fancy workout attire.

But then they have to go the gym.

And we all know how this plays out.

Yes, it’s hard.

Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable.

It takes dedication, commitment, and consistency.

Change requires action.  

I encourage you to check out my more in-depth article:

Get Fired Up: How to Stick to Your Fitness Program and Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and give up, or to jump in so quickly and end up burning out within a month. With a little preparation, this year truly can be different. You can achieve your fitness goals and completely transform your life. Click the link to learn my top tips and tricks on how to stick to any fitness program and achieve your weight loss goals.

Today, I am sharing two simple tips to help you set achievable, sustainable goals to truly make this your year.

  1. Be realistic.

You know yourself. You know your habits. You know your lifestyle. If you break out in hives just thinking about working out, setting a goal to workout every single day is going to be a drastic change that you most likely will not stick to, especially if you have to drive to the gym everyday. Likewise, if you’re used to snacking at all hours of the day on potato chips and cookies, downing sodas left and right, it’s going to be a major challenge to stop cold turkey. Now obviously these are extremes. But the point is – ease into change. Small changes overtime add up to major results. Plus, you’re more likely to stick to a small goal, that seems doable, versus making a complete 180 and trying to jump in with both feet. What do I mean? If you want to start working out, first step – chat with your doctor or medical professional. Then maybe set a goal to workout 3 or 4 days a week. Don’t stop there, though. Commit to those 3 or 4 days. Schedule it. Write on your calendar, put in your phone. When it’s time, show up and workout.

2. Find your why.

One of the biggest reasons people fall off the wagon is they lose their motivation. They didn’t have a clear picture of what they were doing and why they were doing it. There will always be days that you don’t feel like working out. You’re tired. You’re too busy. There are millions of excuses. You need to have a clear picture in your mind of why you have this goal. What are you trying to achieve? And it really needs to be a deep, heart-felt reason for change. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look better in your clothes. But that reason will not always be strong enough to get you out of a warm, cozy bed at 4am to get your workout in, or motivation to exercise at 8pm, after a long, exhuasting day at work.

I mention Tracy Campoli a lot and I included one of her videos in the article above. She is one of the best when it comes to mindset and setting goals. I encourage you to check out her videos if you need more guidance or just want more information.


Good luck my friends! Have a Happy New Year!


For further reading:

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Kick The New Year Off Right — 30 Days of Free Yoga

Hello friends!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season and the last few days of 2017. I wanted to take a moment and share something with all of you.

Most of you know that I love yoga. One look at my Instagram profile and you can see that I have a passion for my practice.

It all started about three years ago when I came across my first Yoga with Adriene YouTube video. I was hooked and rediscovered my love of yoga.

I recommend Yoga with Adriene to everyone who is interested in yoga for many different reasons. First and foremost, I love Adriene’s approach. She makes yoga accessible to everyone, at every level, and at every age. And she encourages you to listen to your own body, connect with your breath, and to find what feels good.

–That is everything. 

Everyone can benefit from yoga. A little bit of movement goes a long way. And that is why I wanted to spread the news about TRUE: 30 Day Yoga Journey.

30 days of free yoga… feel good movement, a little strength work, a little stretching… to help kick off 2018 right. The yoga starts on January 2.

Watch the video below for more information or Click here to sign up!


Leave a comment and let me know if you are joining! Let’s yoga together!


7 Powerful Fitness Quotes to Inspire Greatness

Hello Friends!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Ahhhh! One week left of 2017! Now is the time to workout! Get a quick workout in today. Get up a little early tomorrow morning and do a quick workout, or go for a Christmas walk after you eat delicious food.

Regardless.. I thought this would be the perfect time to share one of my favorite posts from the year.

Today I am sharing 7 powerful fitness quotes to inspire greatness! Let’s kick ass this week! 😉







Train tire.jpg

A Christmas Playlist

Hello Friends!

 “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas. Only a hippopotamus will do…”

I just love Christmas music. I’ve been listening to my favorite Christmas songs since Thanksgiving. It’s great to have a playlist to throw on while decorating or baking cookies. I end up taking twice as long to do whatever it is we are doing because I dance around and sing along. Haha! Sometimes my son will join in, sometimes he likes to act embarrassed.. which only makes me sing louder and step up my dance game.

It’s a simple joy of parenting. 🙂

I compiled my favorite Christmas songs in this Spotify playlist to share with all of you.




What is your favorite Christmas song? Leave a comment and let me know!



ElfYourself and Pause For a Laugh

Hello friends!

It’s a little Blast from the Past!

Do you want to be an elf?

Have you seen this website sponsored by Office Depot / Office Max?


(This is not sponsored… I just love making dancing elf videos and wanted to share the website with you)

It’s like Jib Jab, but the entire video is free.. The catch is.. it expires in January. You can pay $1.99 to download it and keep it forever if you like. But you don’t have to. Connect your Facebook, take a photo, or upload a photo from your files and make your family and yourself into dancing elves! It’s so much fun!!

This is one of our favorite traditions! My son and I love to create videos with different family members and share them.

Have fun making your own dancing elf videos! 

Right now you might be shopping for last minute gifts, preparing to visit family and friends, attending those holiday parties, and maybe preparing to receive guests. I’ve never hosted a Christmas, but I realize how crazy everything can get. Chances are if you are hosting, you are deep cleaning your house. No last minute rushing. You want to be sure that everything is perfect – clean, neat, cute, looking amazing, and ready for your family. 

Last year, I wrote Last Minute Tips and Tricks to Get Your Home Guest Ready and came across this hilarious YouTube video. It makes me laugh every single time I watch it.

This video is perfect for the season and I wanted to share the laugh with all of you.


Company is Coming – Chris Fleming